Through our work together, you'll identify where you are today and who you can be tomorrow. We'll embrace your individual values while you discover how to bring satisfaction and joy to your life. You’ll be challenged to break all barriers so you can engage in the possibilities that are your future.   

It is our work to go deeper into self where your potential resides. Our goal is to transform entrained patterns in your life into positive life-giving energy.  

There's no one path.  Each of us can claim what is ours and discover our unique way to bring about the life we desire.

is it time to REINVENT yourself?
               have you asked yourself  

"what do I really                           want?"

"who AM I anyway!"
 work/life Innovation Coaching  
                      discover your power to reinvent yourself and find relevance in a new world
the POWER of
     to effect change forever
Have you ever had a defining moment where you mark life before and after that time?  
  • It’s Sunday and you dread that tomorrow is Monday and you have to return to the office to do the same thing you’ve done day after day.  You went to college and got the “perfect job.”  And now you realize the work you do has no meaning.  You might even sigh, “What difference am I making anyway!”                                                                                     
  • You felt like a forward-moving guy.  Work was fine. Home—couldn’t complain.  Your health was generally good.  Then, wham, something hits you from your blind side and you are knocked right off your feet.  Accident, tragedy, disaster, sickness.  “Where did that come from!”  It makes you think about your life differently, doesn’t it?                                                                               
  • You've dated just like all the guys. Women were happy to introduce you to their families.  And parents, well—finally a guy who respected their daughter!  You may have even gotten married and had the children you always wanted. Others look at you with admiration. Life is good, right?  Hmm. Somewhere in the background the thought haunts you, ‘Am I gay?’                                                               
  • The one person you could count on and trust is no longer there.  Separation, divorce, death. Life just doesn’t seem to be the same anymore.  A part of you feels gone.   “So who am I now?”                             
  • Let’s face it, as guys a lot of how we define ourselves is by what we do.  Having worked hard, you once looked forward to retirement to finally get that golf game really going.  Now, with retirement right around the corner, you might feel anxious or just feel a loss of interest in the things you always enjoyed: family, friends, sports, sex.   What do you do now? 
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