Coaching typically takes place by telephone. Outside of the convenience to clients, this methodology has become an important tool in coaching as a way to avoid distracting, limiting interpretations of body language & reaction, and move you to look inwardly. 

It is our work to go deeper into self where your potential resides—your intuition.  Intuitive thinking is deepened when cognitive thinking information (distractions) is limited.  As a coach, I rely on my gifts of intuitive thinking to help reveal in you hidden information and to transform destructive energy into constructive energetic resources for profound results.

  relationship commitment 

Because our goal is to transform entrained patterns in your life into positive life-giving energy, coaching requires commitment. Often programs are set up with daily check-ins and thus the telephone again becomes our ally.  Studies have shown that to create new connective paths in our brain and in our memories, we must typically reform our thoughts, feelings and actions over a minimum 90-day period.  It is our objective to move you forward in your life and achieve specific goals.  
Commitment is the foundation of coaching. The coach and client intentionally develop a relationship that is characterized by a growing and mutual appreciation and respect for each other as individuals. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help individuals produce fulfilling results in their lives. 

As a way to build relationship, I allow for an additional 30 minutes during the first exploratory session. I find that this additional time gives an opportunity to build a reserve of trust from which we can each draw as we move forward in your development.

finding your power
photo by Dr. Jimi Glide
image by tiago ribeiro

bringing clarity to your vision